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Siapa yang boleh berjaya


Success is not about being the most brilliant, educated or talented, it is about being the most determined, about hanging on the longest and never giving up.

Book tours.

Book signing.

Book launch.

Writing books.

See your book in the bookstore.

Book review in newspapers and magazines.

Interview with television and radios.

Be a speaker in writing course.

I have achieved part of my dreams.

And I’ll pursue the rest of it.

It’s not easy. But it’s not impossible.

Two important tip:

Find your writing buddy.

The journey will be much more easier. Because you have shoulder to cry on when you face rejections and hurdles along the way. You have each other to share your sorrow and joy.

Find a mentor.

You can shortcut your journey if you have someone to guide you.

Success is not about being the most brilliant author.

It’s about being the most determined author.

Never give up.

P.S: I really like this picture. Two important person in my writing world (my family is number one, of course). My writing buddy and my mentor.

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